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Cheryl L Gibbs

      Creator of Cloudland Photography


 Photography has been my love, my passion since I was 14 years old. I fell in love with the art of photography before I even owned my first camera, a mint green Official Girl Scout Camera. What made it official? Who knows? But I loved it just the same because it made pictures--tiny little perfect black-and-white pictures. The years went by, and I came to own many cameras--some sweet and simple, others costly and complex. And here's what I discovered to be true: It's not your camera that makes wonderful photos, and it's not what you see. It's how  you see it.

Whether I'm surrounded by the vastness of nature, on a busy city street or in my own backyard, my intention whenever I pick up my camera is to see the wonder in all that surrounds me--the extraordinary in the ordinary; the beauty in the bland; the magic in the mundane. And when I'm capturing a portrait for someone, my objective is not to just make them look good, but it's also to make them feel incredibly special. Because they are.

Regardless of what I'm focusing on, photography for me is absolutely magical. And my wish, quite simply, is to sprinkle a little magic in this world with every photo I create.

"I take about 100 photos a day with my eyes. And if I don't have my camera with me to capture the shot, I save it with my mind and then print it on my heart."


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